Using AJAX in WordPress Themes

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The theme featured in this article is no longer available for purchase. Check out one of our other quality themes instead!

Designing an attractive, user-friendly and interactive website is key to securing web traffic. WordPress and Ajax are two popular web development options to achieve this. While web users are aware of the features and uses of the WordPress system, Ajax technology is lesser known.

What is Ajax?

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a technology that instantly adds life to the websites it is utilized in. It improves interaction between a webpage and its visitors by turning a static webpage into one that is responsive. With Ajax implemented, webpages can update only a selected region without reloading the entire page, allowing the visitor a smoother web experience.

Google maps uses the Ajax system

The best example of Ajax technology usage is Google Maps. By using the Ajax system, Google Maps only loads the portion of the map indicated by the user. Without the Ajax system, a user would have to wait for the entire map to load every time s/he clicks on a portion of the map. As a result of this interactive usability, Ajax is adopted by several web developers for their websites.

Ajax and WordPress themes

The latest WordPress version includes the Ajax technology for administration screens. It is most commonly used for instant updating in comments management, adding and deleting categories, posts, etc. Another area where the Ajax technology is featured is in WordPress themes. For a classic design featuring Ajax, you may wish to look here.

Portfolius v7: Ajax-powered WordPress theme

PandaThemes offers you an exclusively designed WordPress Theme you may wish to consider using for your portfolio website. The Ajax WordPress Theme featured here is Portfolius v7.

The theme boasts a minimalist design with a simple palette. It also features a style that is customizable, as well as a theme panel that looks perfect for your portfolio website. Using the Portfolius theme, you can easily alter the background image, texture, menu, submenu, buttons, footers, links, as well as the titles.

You are also provided the choice to easily set up the size and width of the thick-box window in the theme. However, only the background image size will be automatically resized based on the already provided size specification. But at the same time, you can also customize the thumbnails based on your requirements. The Ajax technology used in this portfolio WordPress theme allows you to easily view your interactive website without getting reloaded entirely.

The theme is ideal for those who wish to install an image gallery for his/her portfolio website that is simple to navigate.

Standard Package – $69 Purchase
Developer Package – $149 Purchase

Live Demo | Theme Details

The theme featured in this article is no longer available for purchase. Check out one of our other quality themes instead!
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