Five Reasons to Use WordPress as CMS

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Originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress started to gain traction among programmers due to its simplicity of use and open source system. Over years of development, WordPress became the popular Content Management System (CMS) it is today. WordPress is touted as one of the web’s easiest CMS to use, but what exactly does a CMS do? In this entry, we investigate what goes on in a CMS and why WordPress is so popular for creating and maintaining websites.

Simple Interface

Featuring an interface that is simple, fast and easy to understand, WordPress offers its users the ease of website and database management.


With its adjustable system, WordPress is able to accommodate users moving their websites from other CMS’s, providing them with the ease of integration.


With its simple interface and a visual editor, WordPress eliminates the time-consuming process of coding content. This allows users to gain expertise of the system much faster when compared with other CMS’s.

WordPress Themes

Most CMS’s allow their users to a variety of wallpapers or themes to alter the look and feel of their websites. WordPress boasts one of the widest collections of themes for websites, making it the CMS of choice for users looking for easily customizable themes.


Rather than leave your websites to your own devices, latest versions of WordPress come with default in-built security functions to protect your website from the dangers of hacking, viruses, etc. In this way, your website is already protected even without security measures on your side. (Of course, it will be wiser to implement some security measures of your own.)

Last, consider that WordPress is also open source system, meaning it can be tweaked to your liking. This is a unique feature of WordPress which allows it to be continually improved by developers, as well as keeping it free and updated for amateur users.

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