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WordPress is gaining a lot of popularity as a versatile Content Management System for all kinds of websites. After all the effort in setting up your website, you would of course like to see traffic to your website. One of the best ways of gaining popularity in social media would be through Twitter, one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

After publishing a new blog post, you can update your followers by tweeting about the new content. Or you can increase the number of followers on your Twitter account by directing blog followers to your Twitter account. To help you get the most out of integrating these two platforms, developers have come up with a range of plugins. We have listed some noteworthy ones:

Twitter Tools

This plugin is a great asset for people who tweet regularly. Whenever you publish a blog post, Twitter Tools lets you send automated tweets to your Twitter account, allowing you to update your followers quickly. Plus, it also works the other way round by allowing you to create a daily/weekly compilation blog post of all your tweets in a day/week.


This plugin stands out by allowing you to share all your posts over a range of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon. SexyBookmarks looks great with its funky and contemporary design, but the thing that wins us over is its smoothly animated icons.

Twitter LiveBlog

Liveblog is the plugin that lets you to live up to the spirit of live blogging through Twitter. While you tweet in rapid succession in real time about an ongoing event, the plugin merges those tweets into a single WordPress theme post. In this way, your Twitter network will not be the only one abuzz with activity, and you can save the trouble of having to manually compose a new post based on your tweets for your blog later.

Tweet Cloud

Let new visitors know what your interests are in just a glance with this new plugin. By picking up key words or phrases, Tweet Cloud shows your thoughts even in your Tag Cloud. Through the Tag Cloud, users are granted direct access to your tweets as well.

WP Greet Box

The plugin allows you to welcome your visitors on your blog with a personalized message. For instance, if a visitor reached your blog via a click through on something cool you tweeted about, s/he is welcomed with a personal message that you personalized for visitors directed from Twitter to your website.

Twitter Friends Widget

Display your followers and following on Twitter in your WordPress theme blog exactly as it appears on your Twitter account.

Twitter Widget Pro

This functions as a sidebar widget in your WordPress theme blog. The widget displays your Twitter content while keeping its links alive to maintain interactivity with visitors.

Twitter Tracker

Another sidebar widget for WordPress, Twitter Tracker allows you to mention a Twitter search and display corresponding search results to help you add related content to your post.

Twittley Button

Using your Twitter account, sign up for Twittley, a plugin which allows you to broadcast your message on the Twittley website. Why would you want to do so? Twittley users are able to vote and comment on stories, meaning you receive a larger exposure for your content.

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