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Over the past years, WordPress has been gaining popularity as a blogging platform. With this development, the need to make blogs more social and its content easier for sharing. Beyond commenting, today’s web users are looking out for social networking and interaction on blogs. As such, we have created a list of plugins below to help you improve the social aspect of your website.


Allows you to add a variety of social media buttons – Digg, Facebook,, to name a few – to your posts. Not only simplifies the task of adding social media to your blog, but also adds aesthetic value to your website with pleasing social media buttons.

Bookmark Me

Enables you to add social bookmarking buttons to every post. Stands out from other plugins of its kind as it allows you to add bookmarks of sites not written in English.


Adds social bookmarking links to your posts to help your readers promote and increase traffic to  your site.


One of the more popular plugins. Lets you add the “Share This” button to your articles, allowing your readers to easily share your articles on other social media platforms or via email.


Allows you to spread your blog over 30 social networks via Ping.FM. This WordPress plugin enables you to submit your posts to this service.


Adds user-submission links at the end of each blog post for a range of social bookmarking sites.

iBegin Share

Completely open source plugin which allows you to share and spread your articles with great ease and full control.

I Love Social Bookmarking

Uses a clean drop-down list of appealing icons to allow your readers to submit your content to social media services.

Social Bookmarking RELOADED

Adds various graphic links at the end of your articles to help your visitors share them.

Social Bookmarks

Provides you with a range of 50 bookmarking submission icons to add to your blog.

Social Dropdown

Enables you to display social bookmarking options in a dropdown format to reduce the page space they consume.


Use this to add bookmark links to your WordPress blog. It also allows you to select the services you want to include and specify your icons.


Adds the buttons of various popular bookmarking sites to your site. Unique selling point: big and clean icons.

WP PunchCard

Allows you to install PunchCards to WordPress with great ease, as well as shrinkage of space taken up by social media on your website.


Enables lifestreaming of your WordPress Site.

Follow Me

Allows you to show all the links to your social media profiles under just one banner.


Displays all your photos, postings and feeds from other social networking sites.


Make your online business card using this WordPress plugin. Also links to your social networking profiles.

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