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As part of our continuing efforts to serve you better, we have created a brand new Download Center that will grant you 24/7 access to your purchased themes. Here, you can also register the URLs of the sites on which you are using our themes in order to ensure you get the latest update notifications on your Dashboard as soon as they become available.

But best of all, the new DC is fully integrated into your existing support forum account, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of signing up on a separate site, or remembering an extra set of credentials! Take a look at our simple guide to using the DC below, then hop over and check the DC out for yourself here!


What is the Download Center?

The Download Center (which will henceforth be referred to as DC) is a tool for PandaThemes customers to conveniently download their purchased themes with. Right now, the DC is simply a section within your account Profile page where a list of themes owned by you are displayed and available for download. Below is an example of what it looks like.


Accessing the Download Center

From the PandaThemes Support Forum

Once logged into the PandaThemes Support site, you can get to the DC by clicking on your username at the top right hand corner of the page, as shown in the diagram below:


Direct Link

Alternatively, you can directly access the DC via this link. When prompted to log in, use the credentials from your PandaThemes Support site account.

Downloading Files

At the top of your Profile page, you’ll see a list of the themes you have purchased. To download, click on the download button on the left of the theme name.

Navigating between the Support Forum and Download Center

You can easily switch between the Support Forum and the DC:
From the DC, click on the “Support Forum” link at the top left hand corner of the page to go there.
From the Support Forum, click on your username at the top right hand corner of the page to get back to the DC.

Site URL Registration

Registering the URLs of the sites on which you are using our themes ensures that you receive notifications of the latest theme updates through your site Dashboard as soon as they become available. It will also help to expedite the technical support process and enable us to better diagnose any bugs or issues you have encountered – all you need to do is enter your URLs in the relevant boxes provided in the “Registered Site URL(s)” column.
If you’ve purchased the Extended License for a theme, you can enter more than 1 URL in the box next to the theme, like this:


Account Administration

As the DC is merely an extension of your existing Profile page, you can also update your forum account details as necessary on this page.

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