How To Get Your Problem Solved Quickly

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Need to make a support request on our forum? The more comprehensive your error report, the easier it’ll be for our technical team to accurately diagnose the problem you are facing – and the more quickly you’re likely to get a solution for it. Here’s a list of the basic information you should provide when starting a new help thread.

  • WordPress version *
  • Theme and version *
  • List of active plugins *
  • URL of site on which error is occurring – if possible, the URL(s) of the specific page(s) affected *
  • Description of the problem *
  • Steps taken to produce the error *
  • An image depicting the desired result
  • PHP & server information
    • PHP version
    • Server operating system
    • Web server
  • Your device
    • Type of device used to encounter the error – desktop, laptop, mobile device or other
    • Device operating system
  • Any error logs available

* denotes required information

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Dawn is the Community Manager of PandaThemes.

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