Metal Text Effect

This metallic effect is ideal for adding a modern, eye-catching and futuristic look to your websites, presentations, e-shop, print templates, flyers, brochures, business cards, advertisements, banners or promotions. »

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Eco-Friendly Tags and Stickers

A set of tags and stickers suitable for projects with ecological or environmentally–friendly themes. Labelled 'Bio', 'Eco–Friendly' and '100% Organic', each is easily resizable and can be used in any size without quality loss. You are free to use this file for both personal and commercial purposes. »

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3D Software Box: 6 Patterns

This 3D image of a software box comes with a choice of 6 different patterns and 2 ribbons. It would be useful to developers and anyone wanting to promote digital products or services such as software, hosting or web design packages. »

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Glass Effect for Text and Shapes

Save time with this style by simply applying it to text or objects for a smooth glass effect! The glass effect is a layer style, so it can be easily applied to any text or shape in Photoshop. »

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