Four Basic Elements of a Good Website Design

It takes a great combination of elements to create a good website design. Users aren’t only looking for information. They want a compelling and aesthetically pleasing format. A good web design provides users with what they need easily and quickly. It is clean and simple but offers the best user experience. There are certain elements that you should prioritize on your website to create an effective design. Overlooking them can break your complete sign design.

Here are the four basic elements that contribute to the overall user experience of a web design:

  • Content is considered as the king of the elements because it helps your website in a number of ways. It plays a great part in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), determining who finds your site and what information they will find, and increasing conversion rates. Unique and original content are given precedence by Google, so make sure you don’t duplicate or reuse copy from other websites.
  • Bad usability can be easily noticed by the end user. A good web design has clear buttons on the homepage with user-friendly search functions. Make sure your business website is easy to navigate, so visitors will easily find what they are looking for. Create a simple and reliable interface that will make the user stay on your website and not move on to your competitors’ website.
  • A good website design is visually impressive. It should reflect the branding of your business. A good design communicates the level of professionalism of your company. So, use high quality images to evoke the right emotions and prompt a response from your audience. They also encourage longer browsing times, increasing your chances to make a sale. Here are five components of great website images: 
    •  Professional
    • Relevant to your business
    • Compelling
    • Unique
    • High resolution
  • There is no point of having a website with great content if no one can see it. Visibility through SEO and social media is key to your website’s success. Once you have other elements in place, work on your online presence. It should be strong and competitive, so you can represent your company well to the world.

There are many other elements of a good website design, such as clear contact information and a consistent theme. A slick web design and relevant content are all for nothing if customers can’t figure out how to contact you. Make it simple for them to get in touch with you by incorporating easy access to your phone number, email address, etc. Also, consider the overall effect of your website. Feature images and content relevant to your business, and make your layout and color scheme consistent.

The above elements are what separates a good business website from a bad one. They are some of the fundamental things that will guarantee an engaging, proficient, and consummate website design.

Keep in mind that your business website is meant to connect you with people who are interested in your content, products and services. A good web design ensures this connection is made and retains your relationship with your audience.