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Seven Ways Vector Icons Can Help with Your Web Design

What’s the point of having exciting content if you can’t get and maintain the attention of your visitors? Design is all about communication. Most users scan the page for visually pleasing content first. When something actually grabs their attention, that’s when they actually start reading.

To draw users into the content of your website, consider using icons. They are small yet effective tools to break up content and make it less intimidating. They make your articles easy to read and visually interesting enough to sustain your reader’s attention. There are some great line icon pack you can use and download at for example. Vector icons usually come in different formats like AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, CSH, PNG, SKETCH and FONTS. Make sure you buy a icon pack which includes all of these file formats.


Icons can help with your web design in many ways. Here seven ways you can use them for:

  1. To represent things. Icons can be used in any type of website. They can be used to represent your products and services, categories and sub-categories, galleries, and various groups. By adding them with elegant colors, you can increase the overall appeal of your website.
  2. To highlight new and exciting features. Icons are small but they can attract attention. You can use them to highlight new features and service, so they won’t have to depend on other forms of publicity. When in placed in the right areas, icons can demand high attention. Thus, they should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy.
  3. To increase the overall appeal of your website. Instead of using headers, place icons to make an equally elegant and cool web design. This does not only get more attention from users, but also increases the overall appeal of your website.
  4. To enhance readability. One of the factors that determine a website’s success is readability. If your content is easy to read, you website will gain positive popularity. Pay more attention to webpages that appear boring and lifeless. They are the reasons why visitors leave your website. Use icons to increase the readability of these pages and capture the attention of your readers.
  5. To make your website easy to use and interesting. Does your website lack improve navigation buttons? Use icons instead. They represent the same meaning as boring text. But, be sure to place them properly. You don’t want to confuse your readers by reading the icons incorrectly.
  6. To define clarity. Icons do not only convey the right message. They also increase the clarity factor in your website. These powerful tools are good for separating various sections in your website. Plus, your user interface will improve drastically.
  7. To show creativity and highlight special points. Intelligent use of icons can increase traffic in your website. They can be used to highlight various sections, especially where blog posts get boring. They also showcase your creativity by conveying a special message without even saying a single word.

Icons are very small but powerful. They can increase the overall quality of your website by creating a professional and easy to use web design. When used intelligently, they can deliver meaningful messages to your readers. Nowadays, readers do not like to read a lot. By using icons, you can give maximum information without boring or annoying your audience.