3 Things to Consider when Choosing Video Backgrounds

Choosing the right video backgrounds for your production has a huge impact on how your story is told. Videos are meant to immerse viewers into a world of visual delight. And, backgrounds can help communicate the right atmosphere and send the proper message. Even the best quality footage in the world won’t be able to grab attention if not accompanied with the right video background. So in order to leave an impression to your viewers, here are some tips to help you choose the right background.

  • Consider the color. When it comes to choosing the best video background, consider the right color schemes. The right choice will sum up the overall impression you want to convey through the right emotion, atmosphere and theme. Take for instance a perfume and toy commercial. The former will thrive better with gray, cream and black, while the latter will grab attention with blue, red and yellow backgrounds.
  • Consider the acoustics. Many commercials have jingles attached to them because sounds that fit what you are watching are unforgettable. Viewers are more likely to remember the message involved, too. The right sounds make a good video phenomenal, but a bad sound distract the viewers. Voiceovers also have the same effect. They set the appropriate mood and get the attention of your audience.
  • Consider lighting and location. Where are you going to film your video and what selling will match your vision? Keep these two questions in mind as the answers will assist with the overall harmony of your video.

Where can you download video backgrounds?
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